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2d Weather Group

2nd Weather Group ShieldThe 2d Weather Group delivers timely, relevant and specialized terrestrial, space and climatological environmental intelligence to joint forces, defense agencies, DoD decision-makers and allied and coalition partners worldwide for planning and execution of missions across the range of military operations. The Group operates, sustains, maintains and monitors the wing’s $322M strategic high-performance computing complex, production network and applications and provides DoD’s only space weather operations center, climate monitoring and prediction capability and environmental data for Live, Virtual and Constructive modeling and simulation. 2d WXG exploits leading edge weather forecasting models and provides fielded weather systems experts for operational testing, deployment training and deployed maintenance on tactical weather systems.  The 2d WXG comprise 6 primary subordinate units:  2d Systems Operations Squadron, 2d Weather Squadron, 16th Weather Squadron and Detachment 1, 2d WXG are located at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.  2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron is located at Hurlburt Field, Florida, and 14th Weather Squadron in Asheville, North Carolina.  In addition, there are four solar observatories that fall under 2d WXG at Learmonth, Australia; Sagamore Hill, Massachusetts; Holloman AFB, New Mexico and Kaena Point, Hawaii.

2d Weather Squadron

The 2d Weather Squadron continuously supports Joint warfighters and Department of Defense decision-makers, including the intelligence community and space operators with accurate, relevant, timely and specialized global terrestrial and space observations, analyses, forecasts and alerts.

2d WS, AFN Weather Center
2d WS, Radio Solar Telescope Network
2d WS, Solar Observing Optical Network

2d Systems Operations Squadron

The 2d Systems Operations Squadron delivers reliable and timely global environmental intelligence products and services for the defense of the United States of America and its global interests and operates and sustains the Air Force’s $322M strategic weather high performance computing center to deliver authoritative environmental intelligence to decision makers across the spectrum of global operations.

2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron

The 2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron performs operational test and evaluation of Air Force fixed-based and tactical weather systems, train weather and communications Airmen for deployed operations, and provide combat weather system maintainers to enable worldwide military operations.

2d Weather Support Squadron

The 2d Weather Support Squadron maximizes America's Power through monitoring, reporting, planning, and facilitating activities to ensure continuous global weather system operations; enhance 557 WW personnel effectiveness through command and control, personnel readiness and administrative support activities. 

14th Weather Squadron

The 14th Weather Squadron is the Air Force’s only climate operations unit that collects, protects and exploits authoritative climate data to optimize military and intelligence operations and planning in order to maximize the combat effectiveness of Department of Defense personnel and weapons systems.

16th Weather Squadron

The 16th Weather Squadron is the center of excellence for development, implementation, and visualization of terrestrial, atmospheric and space weather models, displaying observational and model data, and identifying environmental impacts on future weapons systems.

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