2d Weather Group

2nd Weather Group ShieldThe 2d Weather Group (2 WXG) Provides Trans-regional, Multi-functional, Multi-domain capabilities to mitigate solar, atmospheric, and cyber threats across the range of military operations. Joint Forces, Combatant Commands, the intelligence community, defense agencies, and allied and coalition partners worldwide employ 2 WXG to converge multi-capable Airmen on information warfare operations. 2 WXG operates, sustains, maintains, and monitors the 557th Weather Wing’s $322M strategic high-performance computer, production network, and applications. This enables the Group to Hunt, Find, and Fight malicious threats within the Enterprise cyber terrain to deliver authoritative environmental data. 2 WXG is home to DoD’s only space weather operations center and climate monitoring and prediction capability. Additionally, 2 WXG offers the Air Force’s “software factory,” providing DevSecOps flexibility at the speed of operations that is Cloud and edge ready. Another part of the Group’s mission is to provide fielded weather systems experts for operational testing. The Group Headquarters and most squadrons are located at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. The 2 WXG is comprised of six primary subordinate units:  2d Systems Operations Squadron, 16th Weather Squadron, 2d Weather Squadron, 2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron, 2d Weather Support Squadron and 14th Weather Squadron. 2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron is located at Hurlburt Field, Florida. 14th Weather Squadron is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  In addition, there are four solar observatories that fall under 2d Weather Squadron at Learmonth, Australia; Sagamore Hill, Massachusetts; Holloman AFB, New Mexico; and Kaena Point, Hawaii.

2d Weather Squadron

The 2d Weather Squadron continuously supports Joint warfighters and Department of Defense decision-makers, including the intelligence community and space operators with accurate, relevant, timely and specialized global terrestrial and space observations, analyses, forecasts and alerts.

2d WS, AFN Weather Center
2d WS, Radio Solar Telescope Network
2d WS, Solar Observing Optical Network

2d Systems Operations Squadron

The 2d Systems Operations Squadron delivers reliable and timely global environmental intelligence products and services for the defense of the United States of America and its global interests and operates and sustains the Air Force’s $322M strategic weather high performance computing center to deliver authoritative environmental intelligence to decision makers across the spectrum of global operations.

2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron

The 2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron performs operational test and evaluation of Air Force fixed-based and tactical weather systems, train weather and communications Airmen for deployed operations, and provide combat weather system maintainers to enable worldwide military operations.

2d Weather Support Squadron

The 2nd Weather Support Squadron monitors and maintains Air Force weather weapon system readiness and detect, defend, and develop resilient and secure cyber terrain in support of joint operations to optimize command and control for critical infrastructure, personnel, and crisis response.

14th Weather Squadron

Collect, protect, and exploit authoritative climate data to optimize military and intelligence operations and planning.

Be the preeminent climate intelligence provider for the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Personnel and Resources 
14th Weather Squadron is the Air Force’s only climate operations unit, co-located with the National Centers for Environmental Information (formerly the National Climatic Data Center) as part of the Federal Climate Complex in Asheville, North Carolina. They are a 64-member unit with a mix of military and civilian members across three flights, a Climate Operations Flight, Climate Data Flight and a Systems Flight. 

14th WS is the DoD’s go-to source for climate services! The unit ingests nearly two million weather observations and gridded climate datasets every day, and are stewards of DoD’s only authoritative climate data archive. 14th WS collects weather data from numerous worldwide sources and provides quality control to ensure an authoritative 40-terabyte climate data archive. Additionally, the unit provides climate services subject matter expertise and leverages its archive to respond to 800 tailored support requests and 400,000 web hits per year from joint forces, Intelligence Community, and DoD strategic planners. 14th WS enables decisions regarding weapons system basing, sensor fielding strategies, weather forecast operations, and informs national-level decision makers about current and projected climate impacts. Finally, as the sole active duty military unit in western North Carolina, our Special Ceremonies Team fulfills traditional Honor Guard and Color Guard duties.

16th Weather Squadron

The 16th Weather Squadron rapidly innovates, exploits, and operates cutting-edge software applications to generate environmental and information warfare insights to support national interests. It  is a software center of excellence for atmospheric & terrestrial numerical environmental models, displaying observational data & environmental model output, cloud analysis & forecasting, alphanumeric weather data, AI/ML prototypes, and simulated Live, Virtual, Constructive environmental impacts. 

Public Affairs Office

557 WW/PA
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E-mail: 557WW.PA.PublicAffairs@us.af.mil