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2d Weather Squadron

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Deliver DoD-unique environmental capabilities to the joint force and Intelligence Community.

Personnel and Resources 

2d WS is a 151-member squadron maintaining global vigilance at seven worldwide sites in support of multiple national security mission sets. The squadron consists of four geographically separated detachments and an operating location, two operations floors, a broadcast studio, and an overseas contract site.


2d WS is responsible to joint and interagency partners for a wide range of mission-tailored products essential to ongoing contingency operations. The unit primarily provides meteorological conditions to the defense partners of the intelligence community and, as the DoD's sole space weather provider, space situational awareness and environmental monitoring to combatant commanders. They maintain around-the-clock vigilance at nine operations centers covering seven mission areas to include space environment operations, hourly worldwide cloud analyses, real-time response to sensitive environmental requests, global volcanic ash monitoring, global snow and ice coverage, American Forces Network broadcast production, and Solar Electro-Optical Network operations through both the four-site Radio Solar Telescope Network  and the three-site Solar Optical Observing Network. Space environment operations include daily coordination with National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center on three joint forecasts, facilitated by the squadron liaison officer integrated with SWPC.