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  • 17th Operational Weather Squadron

    The 17th Operational Weather Squadron (OWS) is located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. The 17 OWS Fighting Geckos are a diverse team of US Air Force Weather, Cyber, and Support Airmen that are equipped and empowered to shape the Information Warfare (IW) landscape in support of USINDOPACOM

  • 2d Weather Support Squadron

    The 2d Weather Support Squadron provides persistent and proactive Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) in the Weather Enterprises Mission Relevant Terrain - Cyber (MRT-C) to assure Trans-regional, Multifunctional, Multi-domain capabilities, mitigating cyber threats across the competition continuum.

  • 2d Weather Squadron, Solar Observing Optical Network

    The Air Force has employed a global network of ground-based solar optical observatories known as SOON (the Solar Observing Optical Network) To monitor the sun for flare and sunspot activity that may affect Department of Defense systems. The Solar Observing Optical Network (SOON) provides the only

  • 16th Weather Squadron

    The 16th Weather Squadron is comprised of military and civilian technical experts, with integrated contractor support, and is organized into four flights that enable national outcomes through developing and deploying innovative environmental intelligence products into global weather operations.

  • 2d Weather Squadron

    The 2 WS is a 151-member squadron maintaining global vigilance at seven worldwide sites in support of multiple national security mission sets. The squadron consists of four geographically separated detachments and an operating location, three 24/7/365 operations centers, a broadcast studio, and an

  • American Forces Network Weather Center

    The American Forces Network Weather Center (AFNWC) produces daily weather forecasts covering 76 cities in five continents around the world for all Department of Defense members and their families stationed overseas. The shows include all the comforts of an American news weather broadcast: high and

  • 26th Operational Weather Squadron

    The 26th Operational Weather Squadron, located at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., is responsible for producing timely, accurate, and uninterrupted terrestrial and electromagnetic forecasts and planning tools for the Air Force, Space Force, Army, Guard, Reserve, and combatant command forces....

  • 2d Weather Squadron, Radio Solar Telescope Network

    As part of the Solar Electro-Optical Network (SEON), the Radio Solar Telescope Network (RSTN) observatories provide timely, accurate solar alerts and analyses of the Sun's radio emission 24/7, 365 days a year. Solar Analysts monitor the Radio Interference Measurement Set (RIMS) and Solar Radio

  • 28th Operational Weather Squadron

    The 28th Operational Weather Squadron is located at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and is responsible for providing operational-level environmental analysis and forecasts to deter NDS threats, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and foreign countries operating in the greater Middle East

  • 21st Operational Weather Squadron

    The 21st Operational Weather Squadron is responsible for producing and disseminating mission planning and execution weather analyses, terminal aerodrome forecasts, and briefings for Air Force, Army, SHAPE, EUCOM, USAFE, USAREUR, SOCEUR, and NAVEUR forces.