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16th Weather Squadron

Rapidly innovate, exploit, and operate cutting-edge software applications to generate environmental and IW insights to support national interests.

Personnel and Resources
16th Weather Squadron is comprised of military and civilian technical experts, with integrated contractor support, and is organized into four flights that enable national outcomes through developing and deploying innovative environmental intelligence products into global weather operations.

The 16th Weather Squadron rapidly innovates, exploits, and operates cutting-edge software applications to generate environmental and information warfare insights to support national interests. DevSecOps, state of the art science and technology, curated data, and a relentless focus on warfighter needs make 16 WS a cornerstone for automated decision advantage. 16th WS is a squadron of software development and security and operations teams, known as DevSecOps teams, organized in four flights:

Core Models Flight (WXM)
Operates global and regional models software that inform forecasts to support mission planning.  It also produces a global cloud analysis and specialized cloud forecasts.

Tailored Products and Applications Flight (WXP)
Develops and operates tailored and mission-focused atmospheric/land surface models and algorithms using ensembles to provide a complete environmental risk assessment.  Via its Stakeholder Engagement Team, it also educates and solicits feedback from warfighters on available 16 WS environmental information, helping shape current and future requirements.

Data Science and Analytics Flight (WXD)
Mines, quality controls, delivers and stores data for use in weather model verification and downstream applications. It also prototypes and operates artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML) and big data software applications.

Special Capabilities Flight (WXS)
Rapidly prepares and prototypes cyberspace platforms and training for the squadron’s software teams.

(Current as of August 2022)