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1st Weather Group

1st Weather Group ShieldThe 1st Weather Group is comprised of six operational weather squadrons providing timely, accurate and relevant weather operations around the clock in support of joint warfighters worldwide.  Each squadron produces decision-quality forecasts and weather threat assessments for aviation and ground forces tasked to fulfill specific geographic combatant command, service component and international partner operations.  The 1 WXG also includes Operating Location Kilo, which is responsible for management of the Department of Defense's portion of the Next-generation Weather Radar program.  OL-K works alongside National Weather Service and FAA professionals to engineer, maintain and sustain over 160 Doppler radars worldwide as part of a tri-agency agreement with the Department of Commerce and Department of Transportation.

Around the world, Operational Weather Squadrons provide weather support covering a specified region of the world. Professional meteorologist and weather technicians operate the squadrons around the clock ensuring continuous monitoring of any terrestrial and space weather activity. They're responsible for producing and disseminating mission planning and execution weather analyses, forecasts, and briefings for Air Force, Army, Guard and Reserve forces operating around the world providing installation commanders advanced warning of severe weather to protect personnel, weapon systems and infrastructure

15th Operational Weather Squadron

The 15th Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility includes 120 installations/sites in a 22-state region of the northeastern United States.

17th Operational Weather Squadron

The 17th Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility covers over 95-million square miles of the Pacific region including Australia, Korea and Japan.

21st Operational Weather Squadron

The 21st Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility includes Europe, Greenland, and most of Africa.

25th Operational Weather Squadron

The 25th Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility includes 68 installations/sites in a 11-state region of the western United States.

26th Operational Weather Squadron

The 26th Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility includes 70 installations/sites in a 7-state region of the southeastern United States.

28th Operational Weather Squadron

The 28th Operational Weather Squadron's area of responsibility includes sites throughout Central Command including southwest Asia and the Horn of Africa.

Operating Location Kilo - Radar Operations Center

Operating Location Kilo, 1st Weather Group, currently consists of 6 active duty military members and 8 Air Force civilian employees working with the other agencies in the Radar Operations Center.

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