1st Weather Group

1st Weather Group ShieldThe 1st Weather Group 

is comprised of six operational weather squadrons providing timely, accurate, relevant & actionable information advantage through environmental data around the clock in support of joint warfighters worldwide.  Operation Weather Squadrons are optimized to employ non-traditional means to provide information and services that maximize employment of environmental impacts across geographic and functional combatant commands planning and execution cycles. 

Professional meteorologist and weather technicians continuously monitor any terrestrial and space weather activity. They're responsible for producing and disseminating mission planning and execution weather analyses, forecasts, and briefings for Air Force, Space Force, Army, Guard and Reserve forces operating around the world providing installation commanders advanced warning of severe weather to protect personnel, weapon systems and infrastructure.

Around the world, Operation Weather Squadrons are assigned specific areas of expertise to address problem sets from the National Defense Strategy and core meteorological functions and have the capability to distribute operations across the enterprise enhancing the Group’s survivability and lethality. Operation Weather Squadrons are assigned to an array of in-place forces to provide characterizations, threat assessments or other functions in support of directed energy weapons, hypersonic vehicles, long range fires and other emerging DoD capabilities. 

(Current as of August 2022)

15th Operational Weather Squadron

17th Operational Weather Squadron

21st Operational Weather Squadron

25th Operational Weather Squadron

26th Operational Weather Squadron

28th Operational Weather Squadron

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