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2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron

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Test, train, and maintain fielded weather systems technology to optimize joint and coalition military operations.

Personnel and Resources
The 2d Combat Weather Systems Squadron (2 CWSS) consists of 64 geographically separated military and civilian professionals. Two flights located at Hurlburt Field are functionally aligned with three distinct mission sets; Weather Systems Test and Evaluation, Weather Systems Training and deployed Weather Systems Support. An operational section located at Offutt AFB encompasses Strategic Weather Systems Test and Evaluation. Each capability 2 CWSS provides is exclusive to the global Air Force mission and impacts every facet of terrestrial-based Air Force weather operations for the Department of Defense.

2 CWSS is the sole force provider of the Weather System Support Cadre, which deploys mobile maintenance teams to rapidly optimize the geographic Combatant Commanders’ weather sensing strategies during contingency operations. Cadre also provide vital in-field test and evaluation capabilities utilizing emerging as well as established weather technologies in order to enable strategic fielding decisions. In garrison, 2 CWSS instructs Deployed Weather Systems Training to Air Force, Navy and Total Force weather personnel to ensure they are able to employ and maintain deployed weather systems in support of joint warfighter operations.

2 CWSS operational testers work with contractors and AF program managers to develop tactics, techniques, and procedures required to properly employ and maintain the entire Air Force Weather Weapons System inventory of capabilities.  These weather systems include equipment such as the Tactical Meteorological Observation System, Portable Doppler Radar, FMQ-19, and Air Force Weather-Web Services. 2 CWSS also tests software and hardware weather systems to evaluate the effectiveness, suitability, reliability, usability and sustainability of strategic global environmental intelligence products and services delivered to warfighters.

(Current as of May 2021)