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  • Weather technician keeps aircrews, Airmen safe

    Whether it's high winds, lightning, overcast skies or rain, the weather can have a major impact on military operations, especially for units with flying missions.Weather experts, such as Staff Sgt. Kimberly Cribbs, 386th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron weather technician, are especially

  • Two Hats, One Job: The Hurricane Hunter Loadmasters

    This is part four of four in a series on the aircrew members of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.Two for the price of one - that's what the aircrew of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron gets for the crew members filling the weather reconnaissance loadmaster position. These Reservists

  • Weathermen enable special operations forces in Afghanistan

    "We're being engaged by effective small-arms and RPG fire," yelled a special forces team leader in his radio back to the operations center."Requesting close-air support at this time," he continued.But the dark sky above, laced with the promise of an impending storm, hooded the hostile territory and

  • Virginia Airmen forecast the weather for state units

    When the Virginia National Guard has a weather-related state emergency, it calls on the expertise of the internal weather forecasters from the Virginia Air National Guard. The 200th Weather Flight, based here, is a unit of Airmen trained to track weather systems and provide real-time and projected

  • Forecasting for mission success

    Air Force weather technicians deliver environmental information, products and services anywhere in the world. They impact decision superiority by enhancing predictive battle space awareness, enabling commanders at all levels to anticipate and exploit the battle space environment, from the mud to the

  • There and Back Again: The Hurricane Hunter Pilots

    This is part two of four in a series on the aircrew members of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.Collecting storm information is just one part of the job for Reservists of the 53rd WRS "Hurricane Hunters." In order to gather all of the data on the hurricanes, winter storms and other weather

  • ARWOs: The Flying Meteorologists

    This is part one of four of a series on the aircrew members of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.Storm tracking is not just a one person job. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, also known as the "Hurricane Hunters", assigned to the 403rd Wing here, is made up of about 120 individuals

  • Weathering the storm: a tale of two squadrons

    Contrary to popular belief, not just anyone can be a weather forecaster.Both the 20th Operations Support Squadron weather flight and the 28th Operational Weather Squadron are responsible for providing critical meteorological information to support the mission. However, these two valuable players

  • More than just forecasts, OWS team provides important intel daily

    Senior Airman Maria Atalig sits at her work-center here in Germany, monitoring multiple systems for her assigned area of responsibility thousands of miles away.Suddenly the day heats up for the 1W0X1 Air Force Weather Forecaster assigned to the 21st Operational Weather Squadron. Navy Petty Officer

  • Weather flight provides mission critical forecasts

    The mission's planned, the crew's ready to go, the aircraft waits on the tarmac, but Mother Nature still has her say on whether the mission is a go. The job of predicting the weather's effect on the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing falls on the 386th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron's weather