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  • Weather forecasters important to mission success

    Mission ready. Not if the weather forecasters said it's a no go. An often overlooked Air Force Specialty Code is the weather forecaster. Who hasn't anguished over a weather forecast gone wrong or at an umbrella left in a stand because the forecaster predicted sunshine? "Mother Nature is

  • Airman supports special forces in Philippines

    As U.S. Forces continue their drawdown from Iraq, the military is continuing to support counter-terrorism efforts elsewhere around the globe. While Afghanistan remains the more widely-known theater of operations, there are other places where Airmen serve.One such place is Zamboanga, located in the

  • Come rain or shine

    Sitting in a chair surrounded by four computer monitors, Senior Airman Gary Graeff studies endless charts and maps of the southeast United States. The color-coded maps with seemingly random markings mean nothing to most people, but he sees everything he needs to perform a critical mission here at

  • Kandahar air wing meteorologist's first aircrew weather briefing

    The weather briefing is an important part of mission planning because it informs the crews of hazardous conditions along their route and at the projected destinations and helps them determine the performance capability of their aircraft.Weather information is crucial to deciding the route and

  • Guardsman has complementary dual roles

    When he's asked about the upcoming weather forecast, Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Sterling Poulson switches to his "TV voice" to report, "It's 70 degrees outside and pretty nice!""People come in here five or six times a day wanting to know what the weather's going to be like," said Poulson, a

  • Ellsworth's weather wizards

    When the weather outside is frightful, Airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., look for official guidance to keep them safe during these conditions.Meanwhile, the Airmen from the 28th Operations Support Squadron weather flight work around the clock to provide the base with the most accurate and

  • 25th OWS members conquer brutal half marathon

    "You're going to do what?"Recently, members of the 25th Operational Weather Squadron heard this question after stating they were going to run in the inaugural Mount Lemmon Half Marathon on Oct. 17.The Mount Lemmon Marathon and Half Marathon is billed as the toughest marathon in the world and the

  • NCO manages weather forecast ops in Southwest Asia

    At the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing there are Airmen who help make sure the C-130 Hercules aircraft and their crews are ready for the next mission and those Airmen don't work in maintenance nor are they aircrew members. They are weather forecasters like Staff Sgt. Ashley Barnett.Barnett is deployed

  • Eyes of the storm

    The line of low, dark clouds along the western horizon transformed what had been a still, humid, summer day into torrents of rain, small hail and damaging winds.The forecasters at the 509th Operations Support Squadron Weather Operations Center here had anticipated the action. As the local atmosphere

  • Bagram weathermen help supply the fight, win

    The 455th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron's Weather Flight provides timely and accurate weather forecasts to aircrews. And it's this precision forecasting of weather conditions and trends that allows flight crews to plan critical support missions more effectively, according to Lt. Col.