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  • Weather wing fights the dust

    In the early months of 2003, while most were anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring, things were heating up fast for troops in Iraq. Plans for a ground-attack on Baghdad were in place.Less than a week shy of the date of execution, the troops received news that drastically changed their

  • Airmen help commemorate 100th ANZAC Anniversary

    The Air Force's weather mission takes a combined effort from Airmen stationed across the globe, to include a remote observatory in Western Australia.Detachment 1, 2nd Weather Squadron, also known as Learmonth Solar Observatory, is a joint operation between the Australian Bureau ofMeteorology's Space

  • Weather Airmen heats up the stage as Latin percussionist

    Known for its ability to make listeners want to get up and move, Latin music is globally recognized for its upbeat tempo and captivating sounds."There is something about it that is electrifying," said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Tomás Morales, 557th Weather Wing weather training developer. "The

  • Airmen weather Bagram

    No one can control the weather, but the 455th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron weather flight makes a great effort to control its effect on operations here.The weather flight is responsible for providing mission execution forecasts to the various flying squadrons on base and resource

  • Weather warns warriors, saves services silver

    As the dust clouds roll in, 379th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron weather forecasters here analyze the intensity, direction and impact of the impending storm to base assets and the mission."Our radar allows us to notify maintenance crews out on the airfield that conditions are unsafe and

  • Battlefield Weather - Forecasting mission success

    Weather has had an impact on key military battles and campaigns throughout history. Military leaders who took weather events and patterns into account before a battle typically fared better than those who ignored them.Napoleon invaded Russia with an ill-equipped force, and the Russian winter of 1812

  • Welcome to the jungle: forecaster supports counterdrug operations

    He didn't know where it was to or what it was for, but when Charleston, S.C., native Tech. Sgt. Adrian Jackson heard about a short-notice tasking to deploy, he volunteered immediately.Jackson volunteered he having only been on-station two months."Because he was new to base, he was ineligible to

  • Shaw squadron grows garden for Earth Day

    In honor of the Air Force's observance of Earth Day, one of Shaw Air Force Base's squadrons decided to celebrate April 20 in a unique way, by planting a garden near their building.Normally people think of planting trees for Earth Day, said Airman 1st Class Colin McCarthy, 28th Operational Weather

  • Academy meteorology major spends Christmas in Antarctica

    Given the choice of spending ten days at home for Christmas or visiting one of the world's coldest locations is really not a hard decision for most people.However, U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Joshua Linsell, a meteorology major here, is not most people. He skipped the annual Christmas

  • Olympian becomes weather officer during World War II

    Archie Williams, 1936 Olympic Gold Medal winner was later Archie Williams, Air Force weather officer and pilot. With a need for thousands of weather officers in the expanding Army Air Forces in World War II, a Meteorology Aviation Cadet program trained more than 5,600 weather officers by the last