557th Weather Wing Leadership

 Col. Steven N. Dickerson    Col. Richard E. Wagner 
Col. Steven N. Dickerson
Col. Richard E. Wagner
Vice Commander 
Chief Master Sgt. Terri L. Grebel  Christopher T. Finningsmier
 Chief Master Sgt. Terri L. Grebel
Command Chief 
Christopher T. Finningsmier
Technical Director 

1st Weather Group Leadership

 Col. Tom Blazek
1st Weather Group Commander
 Chief Master Sgt. Anthony G. Soots
1st Weather Group Command Chief

2d Weather Group Leadership

Col. Jason E. Patla
2d Weather Group Commander 
Chief Master Sgt. James E. Slisik
2d Weather Group Command Chief 

557th Weather Wing Mission

The mission of the 557th Weather Wing is maximizing America's power through the exploitation of timely, accurate and relevant weather information; anytime, everywhere.

The 557th WW delivers worldwide weather products to Air Force and Army warfighters, unified commands, National Programs and the National Command Authorities. In addition, the wing provides twenty-four hour technical assistance on all standard weather systems and equipment.

Each day, the wing's dedicated men and women build the world's most comprehensive weather database of observation, forecast, climatological, and space weather products available on the World Wide Web.

The wing is focused on developing, evaluating, testing and transitioning new technologies to weather teams around the world.