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  • Afghan meteorologists showcase capabilities to forecast weather changes from mountain to desert ranges

    The weather patterns in Afghanistan are diverse and beautiful - just like the people and terrain.Building the Afghan air force from the ground-up takes time, equipment, and capable and professional people to sustain it.Capt. Haley Homan, Train, Advise, Assist Command - Air (TAAC-Air) weather adviser, is deployed here from Offutt Air Force Base,
  • Weather Airmen take to the field

    Members of the 15th Operational Weather Squadron and the 18th Weather Squadron recently convened on Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for a five-day field training exercise. Airmen traveled from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fort Polk, Louisiana, Fort Drum, New York, and Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, to participate in the training event, which was the first
  • Korean air force weather commander visits Offutt

    The Republic of Korea Air Force Weather Wing commander visited the 557th Weather Wing Oct. 14.This was Col. Jong Mo Kim's first visit since taking command and also the first visit from the ROKAF since the changeover from the Air Force Weather Agency to the 557th WW."It is my honor to be here," said Kim.But it wasn't the only purpose for the
  • A little flare: Solar observatory monitors sun's activity

    Ninety-three million miles away from the Earth sits a fiery sphere of hot gas.It's 332,946 times the mass of Earth and has surface temperatures reaching 9,932 degrees, which is capable of disrupting satellites, power grids and even pilots flying at high altitudes. The sun launches these attacks arising from its surface with a massive burst of gas
  • 21st OWS Airman earns Air Force award

    The Air Force recently announced a member of the 21st Operational Weather Squadron, Kapaun Air Base, Germany, as the 2014 Weather Airman of the Year.U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Trevor Reiss, 21st OWS weather journeyman, has been in weather since 2011 and already plays a major role in the forecast for U.S. Africa Command. "Our area of responsibility
  • Weather officer shares his story with Team Offutt

    It was 1999, and a young weather officer appeared to have everything going for him: a wife, Linda, two handsome teenage sons whom he adored, J.R. and Ryan, and a promising Air Force career for this prior-enlisted officer.On the surface, things appeared to be going well. However, pressure was mounting that no one could see.With overwhelming pressure
  • Former WWII weather observer relives sunny days during trip to Scott

    Norma Gene Cadena's last wish is to relive her days as a weather observer and to see what it would be like today to do the same job. At 87, Cadena has terminal lung cancer and, through the Sisters of Saint Mary Health Hospice and Home Health Foundation "Memories that Last" program, her wish was granted to visit the 15th Operational Weather Squadron
  • 2nd Combat Weather System Squadron fit to fight

    A team of 2nd Combat Weather System Squadron members recently competed and finished first overall during Fitness Day at the Aderholt Fitness Center, Hurlburt Field, Florida, earning them the Commander's Trophy.They event was the kick-off to Air Force Fitness Month."It was exciting for us to win," said Staff Sgt. Kirk Mendive, 2nd Combat Weather
  • Team Offutt assists high school students with high aspirations

    Members of Team Offutt assisted high school students from Bellevue West High School with a year-long experimental project designed to collect meteorological data high over the skies of Nebraska."Our project is to study dust above Nebraska and the implications," said Janis Elliott, a Physics instructor at Bellevue West High School who monitored the