28th Operational Weather Squadron

Operational Weather Squadrons conduct Combatant Command-focused weather operations covering a specified region of the world. Professional meteorologist and weather technicians operate the squadrons around the clock ensuring continuous assessment of current and forecasted terrestrial and space weather activity.

These regional weather centers are responsible for Air Force base and Army post forecasting, developing weather products, briefing aircrews, and issuing weather alerts for deployed or in-garrison weather teams and other key military locations. Using a network of automatic observing systems located on military installations and communicating with installation weather flights, the squadron is able to monitor changing weather conditions within their entire area of responsibility from one central location.

In addition to providing continuous characterization of the atmosphere, the Operational Weather Squadron develops both officer and enlisted airmen by training alongside experienced weather professionals. Airmen are taught all aspects of Air Force meteorology, from aircrew briefings to analyzing the atmosphere to troubleshooting tactical forecasting equipment.

The 28th Operational Weather Squadron is located at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and is responsible for providing operational-level environmental analysis and forecasts to deter NDS threats, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and foreign countries operating in the greater Middle East region. Furthermore, they partner with peer 16th Air Force Information Warfare stakeholders to integrate cutting edge characterization and predictive environmental products to influence adversary behavior and produce unique competitive advantages. Additionally, their forecasters interpret a vast amount of data to securely deliver decision-grade assessments to drive joint-all domain operations and enhance the joint force commander’s risk-determinations. Finally, the squadron maintains a strong partnership with the 609th Combined Air and Space Operations Center at Al Udeid AB, Qatar to meet emerging warfighter needs. As the 557th Weather Wing's mission evolves, the 28th Operational Weather Squadron aims to become a Weather Center of Excellence for distributed operations world-wide.

(Current as of August 2022)