AFW Professional Reading List hits streets

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Miles Brown
  • Air Force Weather Public Affairs
The Director of Air Force Weather, Brig. Gen. David L. Johnson, presented the first AFW Professional Reading List June 19 at the Offutt AFB, Neb., base library.

The reading list was developed much like the Air Force Chief of Staff's Professional Reading Program for Air Force members. The Chief's readings are designed to stimulate thinking and promote the professional growth of Air Force Professionals.

"I am pleased to present our first AFW Professional Reading List to further enhance AFW personnel professional development," states General Johnson in a letter designating the reading list.
The 26-publication list contains operational, technical and literary works ranging from entry level to advanced level readings. This list is not all-inclusive, and the Director expects the list to evolve and grow in the years ahead.

An updated list may be found on the AFWA homepage. The AFW History office, DSN 272-8682, is also ready to assist unit libraries to acquire any or all the publications found on the list.

Air Force Weather Professional Reading List

Entry Level Readings:

1) "The Weathermen Let Them Fly" by Ewing Franklin Brown (ISBN No. 0-9640988-0-6)
2) "Clouds in a Glass of Beer" (Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics) by Craig F. Bohren (ISBN No. 0-4716248-2-9)
3) "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson (ISBN No. 0-375-70827-8)
4) Air Force Weather (A Brief History, 1937-2000) AFWA/HO Pamphlet
5) Air Weather Service in SE Asia 1961-1976 (Air Weather Service History Office Pictorial Account)
6) Air Weather Service: Our Heritage, 1937-1987
7) Air Weather Service, 1937-1977, An Illustrated Chronology
8) Weather and War, Office of MAC History (December 1974)
9) Leadership: A Treatise for AWS Commanders (A Project Warrior reprint - 1955)

Intermediate Level Readings

10) "Thor's Legions" by John Fuller (ISBN No. 0-933876-88-2)
11) "America's Weather Warriors 1814-1985" by Charles Bates & John Fuller (ISBN No. 0-89096-240-5)
12) "Getting the Message Through" by Rebecca Robbins Raines (ISBN No. 0-16-045351-8)
13) "The Raid" by Benjamin F. Schemmer (ISBN No. 0-06-013802-5)
14) "Military Geography" (How Geography, Weather & Other Factors Effect Outcome) by John M. Collins (ISBN No. 1-5790600-2-1)
15) "Forecast for Overlord" by J.M. Stagg (ISBN No. 0-7110025-1-7 also 0-3930533-5-6)
16) "Typhoon: The Other Enemy" by Capt. (ret) C. Raymond Calhoun (Naval Institute Press) (ISBN No. 0-8702151-0-8)
17) "Flying the Weather, The Story of Air Weather Reconnaissance" by Otha C. Spencer (ISBN No. 0-9653600-9-1)
18) "Every Man A Tiger" by Tom Clancy with (Gen) Chuck Horner (ISBN No. 0425172929)
19) "Battling The Elements" by Harold A. Winters with Gerald E. Galloway, Jr., William J. Reynolds and David W. Rhyne (ISBN No. 0-8018-5850-X)
20) 'Mission Accomplished" The Air Weather Service during Desert Shield/Desert Storm by Dr. William Nawyn (Air Weather Service History Office Special Study)
21) Air Weather Service and Meteorological Satellites,1950-1960 (Air Weather Service Historical Study No. 5)
22) Air Weather Support to the United States Army - Tet and the Decade After (AWS Historical Study No. 8)
23) Some Meteorological Aspects of the D-Day Invasion of Europe, 6 June 1944 (Proceedings of a Symposium, May 19, 1984, Fort Ord, CA, published by AMS)
24) U.S. Department of Defense, Rescue Mission Report, Washington, D.C. (The Department, Aug. 23, 1980) The unclassified version of the Iranian rescue mission report, also referred to as the Holloway Report.

Advanced Level Readings

25) Weather Effect on Army Operations (Weather in WWII), Vol. I, July 16, 1952 to Sept. 15, 1956 (Unable to locate an ISBN No.)
26) Weather Effect on Army Operations (Weather in WWII), Vol. II, July 15, 1954 to Sept. 15, 1956 (Pacific Theater) (Unable to locate an ISBN No.)