Delta IV launch successful

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A Delta IV evolved expendable launch vehicle carrying a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program satellite was launched from the Space Launch Complex-6 here Nov. 4 at 5:53 a.m.

"I'm extremely proud of the precision with which the base and Vandenberg launch team planned and executed this Delta IV mission," said Col. Terry Djuric, the 30th Space Wing vice commander. "This west coast launch helped kick off the Air Force's yearlong 60th anniversary celebration."

Colonel Djuric served as the spacelift commander, or final "go for launch" authority, for this mission.

"With today's launch, Vandenberg has provided 100 percent assured access to space, successfully launching 17 DMSP satellites since the 1st DMSP satellite was launched in 1976," she said.

The 30th Space Wing is the Air Force Space Command organization responsible for Department of Defense space and missile launch activities on the West Coast of the United States.

The 4th Space Launch Squadron oversees Vandenberg's evolved expendable launch vehicle programs including the Delta IV. The squadron is responsible for launch base and launch vehicle mission assurance.

"From an operational perspective, this was another perfectly executed mission by the entire team," said Lt. Col. David Goldstein, the 4th SLS commander and launch director. "Vandenberg worked extremely well with our launch partners to bring everything together for that one perfect shot."