Flight weather briefer named Airman of the year

  • Published
  • By Ryan Hansen
  • AFWA Public Affairs
A flight weather briefer from the 25th Operational Weather Squadron here was recently named the "Desert Lightning Team" Airman of the Year for 2008. 

Senior Airman Michelle Lucero was selected over Airmen from the 355th Fighter Wing, 563rd Rescue Group, 55th Electronic Combat Group and the 12th Air Force headquarters. 

"What an outstanding achievement," said Lt. Col. Donald Shannon, 25th OWS commander. "I want to congratulate Airman Lucero and thank her wingmen for their selfless support and commitment to excellence." 

"There are tons of wonderful Airmen on this base that do more extraordinary things than I do every day, and I am honestly humbled by the award," Airman Lucero said. "I went up against what the base felt was the best of the best and I feel each one of them deserved to win Airman of the year." 

Airman Lucero comes from an Air Force family and has been in the service for almost three years. When her name was announced during a ceremony on Jan. 31, she said she sat in her seat shocked for a while. 

"My husband had jumped up and was hugging me and I was just sitting there like a deer in the head lights," she said. "I finally got up and made my way up and just all night, I really thought I was just dreaming." 

Airman Lucero is currently going through upgrade training to learn how to analyze weather charts and produce hazard charts. She said that without the support of her 25th OWS team she would not have been able to win the award. 

"I really work with a wonderful group of people," Airman Lucero said. "My supervisors and leadership were the ones that spent all that time making what I did sound that much better." 

She also said she couldn't have done it without her husband, Senior Airman Michael Lucero, a fuels troop with the 355th Logistics Readiness Squadron here. 

"We just got married in November and ... I volunteer a lot and have a plethora of responsibilities I take on," Airman Lucero said. "Without him being so understanding, loving and supportive of sharing my time with others, there's no way I could continue with my hectic schedule."