25th Operational Weather Squadron

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Operational Weather Squadrons conduct weather operations in support of Total Force Army and Air Force operations covering a specified geographical region of the world. Weather officers and enlisted weather technicians operate around the clock to provide installation forecasts, aviation hazard decision aids, flight weather briefings, and weather advisories, watches and warnings.

These regional weather 'hubs' are responsible for producing base or post forecasts, developing weather decision aids, briefing aircrews, and issuing weather advisories, watches and warnings for all units in their geographical area. Using automated observing systems located at most major installations and communicating with base or post weather flights, the squadron is able to 'forecast' the weather for the entire area of responsibility from one central location.

The 25th Operational Weather Squadron, located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. It generates asymmetric advantage through weather intelligence. 25 OWS Airmen apply specialized technical skills and knowledge of the current and future environment to analyze and predict adversary behavior and identify opportunities for the United States and its partners to exploit. The 25 OWS integrates with DoD and interagency mission partners to deny near-peer adversaries influence, confront regional malign actors, counter threats from transnational criminal organizations, and ensure homeland security. Through environmental characterization focused on friendly and adversary locations and objectives, the squadron enables a diverse mission set across the Joint Total Force and the Department of Homeland Security. For the United States Southern Command, the 25 OWS directly contributes to counter-trafficking operations, disaster relief, and major international training exercises. Within United States Northern Command, the 25 OWS partners with the 15 & 26 OWS to provide forces for Defense Support to Civil Authority, homeland defense, border patrol, major exercises, and contingencies.

(Current as of January 2022)