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2d Systems Operations Squadron, High Performance Computing Center


Air Force’s $322M strategic weather high performance computing center delivers authoritative environmental intelligence to decision makers across the spectrum of global operations.


As the Air Force’s largest Special Purpose Processing Node, the computing center is the linchpin force enabler for U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army weather support operations; these computing assets generate thousands of critical environmental products and services and deliver essential weather information to forecasters and operational end users every day — on a global scale.





The computing center is maintained by a diverse team of military, civilian and contracted IT technicians. They monitor the general performance of the node, to include temperature and humidity regulation. The technicians coordinate and execute over 300 system patches annually to mitigate security vulnerabilities across the enterprise, ensuring data integrity across  90 data bases. These actions also enable the DoD’s sole space weather warning capability to secure our country’s $104B strategic satellite fleet.