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Portable Doppler Radar – AN/TMS-2



The Portable Doppler Rader, AN/TMS-2 model E700XD, provides real time Doppler weather products with pinpoint accuracy. The system is compact, lightweight, and portable. These attributes allow the system to be easily installed and provide precise weather radar data in areas critical for supporting Air Force and Joint Operations.


The PDR is a ground-based X-band Doppler radar system.  Its features include:


  • 20+ meteorological products
  • User selected control (direct or remote) via laptop computer running WeatherScout® and Windows
  • A 1024 x 756 resolution color display of precipitation and status information
  • Map generation capability using onboard GPS coordinates
  • User selected frequency control
  • Image storage and playback option
  • Starting and stopping radar scan capability
  • Real-time display of Reflectivity, Radial Velocity, and Spectrum Width products with local map backgrounds
  • Display of archived weather products
  • Monitoring of system operating temperatures and faults/errors
  • Customizable warning configuration settings



The PDR is the successor to the Ellason Weather Radar AN/TMS-1 E600. The EWR was robust and brought new capabilities to Air Force weather support. The PDR’s technologies grew from the EWR configuration to provide an increase in competency.

Since fielded in August of 2010, the PDR has provided radar products worldwide in environments that previously had no Doppler weather radar capabilities available. These radar systems are utilized by forward deployed weather personnel. Once configured and networked, the PDR also provides Operational Weather Squadron forecasters with critical data to enhance resource protection efforts. Products are made available to DoD users and Coalition forces across the globe. The PDR has directly contributed to the safety of air and ground operations while ensuring mission accomplishment in adverse weather conditions.  Its capabilities enable protection efforts of DoD assets around the world.

General characteristics


Primary function: Weather detection

Contractor:  Ellason Weather Radar

Products generated: Reflectivity (Composite, Low-Layer Composite, Mid-Layer Composite, High-Layer Composite, Base, Reflectivity [Z] and Unfiltered Reflectivity), Radial Velocity (V), VAD Wind Profile, Spectrum Width (W), Signal Quality Index, Echo Tops, Vertically Integrated Liquid, Rainfall Accumulation (1-Hour Rainfall Accumulation, 3-Hour Rainfall Accumulation, Storm Total Rainfall Accumulation), Storm Tracking, Hail Index, Severe Storm Warning 


(Current as of July 2016)