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Fixed Base Weather Observation System – AN/FMQ-22


The AN/FMQ-22 is an integrated system of weather sensors that measure, collect, and disseminate meteorological data to help meteorologists, pilots, and flight dispatchers prepare and monitor weather forecasts, plan flight routes, and provide real-time atmospheric information at missile alert facilities and helicopter pads.


The AN/FMQ-22 consists of 7 different sensors that measure wind speed/direction, rain accumulation, lightning occurrence/location/frequency, cloud height/coverage, temperature/humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation type/intensity, freezing rain occurrence, ambient light, and horizontal surface visibility.

The sensors are typically deployed to missile alert facilities and helicopter pads as one primary group. Each group contains a Data Collection Point that collects weather data from its sensors and disseminates the data to a server known as the Joint Environmental Toolkit Sensor Collection Appliance. The SCA processes data sent from the data collection point into a usable, readable format.

Maintainers are able to access system configurations and controls by interfacing with the JET webpage or the laptop that is connected directly to the system.


The AN-FMQ-22 has been installed at 70 locations around the world and provides weather data to various DoD organizations.  The system has seen multiple updates to its components.  Improvements to data measurement parameters generate more accurate data and ensure end users are equipped with information needed to support DoD operations.


General characteristics


Primary function: Measure and report meteorological data

Contractor: Mesotech

Communication links: Twisted-pair wires and fiber optic cabling

Structures: 10 m tower, rain gauge

(Current as of July 2016)