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What is the Air Force Weather Career Field like?

The Air Force weather career field is formed from an elite group of officer, civilian and enlisted specialists. These highly skilled men and women are our most valuable resource.

They contribute to the security of the Nation and the peace and stability of the world on a daily basis. They learn leadership and technical skills while sharpening their meteorological aptitude. 

The weather technician is an expert in terrestrial and space weather and the impact these conditions have on weapon systems and missions. They are part of the action worldwide from observing and forecasting weather conditions on a global scale to specific weather forecasts for any military operation. 

The meteorologist manages and directs weather operations critical to the success of Air Force and Army activities and is the overall unit technical leader in the meteorology and space environment. They develop, direct and coordinate meteorological weather studies and research. 

The meteorologist's daily responsibilities include integrating current and forecasted atmospheric and space weather conditions into operational planning. 

The men and women who form the Air Force weather forces are prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment.

What is the Civil Air Patrol Weather Course?

The 557th Weather Wing in conjunction with the Civil Air Patrol hosts a yearly week-long weather course for Civil Air Patrol cadets interested in careers in weather. In this course you will experience first hand how weather impacts military operations; learn basic weather principles; and learn how to observe the atmosphere. You will have the chance to forecast for significant weather events and tour one of the largest weather facilities in the world. 

For more information on the CAP sponsored course, contact the CAP Headquarters office at (334) 953-6473.

How do I get climatological weather data?

Climatological weather data is compiled, archived and stored with the 14th Weather Squadron in Asheville, N.C. If you are researching historical events that need weather data, you can contact the 14th WS at (828) 271-4291.

Can I job shadow a meteorologist?

One on one mentoring programs are offered at the 557th Weather Wing, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., and may be arranged at other locations. The 557th WW meteorologists and weather technicians can acquaint you with the various job opportunities in Air Force Weather. Individuals can choose to mentor with an enlisted forecaster, officer or civilian meteorologist or any combination of the three - there is no better expert then the men and women of the 557th WW. 

You can contact the 55th Wing Public Affairs office for more information at (402) 232-8166.

Where can I get information about the 557th Weather Wing history?

The roots of Air Force Weather go back two centuries when U.S. Army surgeons began recording weather observations regularly in the early 1800s. When the Air Force became a separate service in 1947, Airmen assumed all responsibility of worldwide weather reporting and forecasting for both the Air Force and the Army and have been doing it ever since.

For a brief history on Air Force Weather since 1937, please click here. And if you have a specific question about Air Force Weather history, please contact the 557th Weather Wing History office at (402) 294-0328.

Can I get a tour of a local weather facility?

Most Air Force weather facilities offer short tours of facilities and mission overviews. Tours may include briefings of unique weather support and demonstrations of various weather technologies. Most tours can be arranged year around, however some limitations may apply to large groups. Large groups may require multiple visits, and limited tour dates. Contact the public affairs office at any military installation to inquire about a weather tour.


Can I get a tour of the 557th Weather Wing?

Tours of the 557th WW, located at Offutt AFB, Neb., are limited to high school classes studying weather, Junior ROTC cadets, college meteorology classes and ROTC cadets. Limitations apply to groups of more than 25-30 guests. For students younger than high school age, we suggest our community outreach program where forecasters can come to your school.

For more information, please contact the 55th Wing Public Affairs office at (402) 294-3663.