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OLK (Operating Location Kilo), 1st Weather Group

1st Weather Group Shield

1st Weather Group Shield

Operating Location K, 1st Weather Group, currently consists of 6 active duty military members and 8 Air Force civilian employees working with the other agencies in the ROC. OL-K specialties include electronics technology, engineering, meteorology, information technology, technical writing, and logistics management. In 1988, the NEXRAD Agencies established the WSR-88D (Weather Surveillance Radar - 1988 Doppler) Radar Operations Center (ROC) in Norman, Oklahoma.

The ROC employees come from the National Weather Service, Air Force, FAA, and support contractors. The ROC provides centralized meteorological, software, maintenance, and engineering support for all WSR-88D systems. WSR-88D systems will be modified and enhanced during their operational life to meet changing requirements, technology advances, and improved understanding of the application of these systems to real-time weather operations. The ROC also operates WSR-88D test systems for the development of hardware and software upgrades to enhance maintenance, operation, and provide new functionality.